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The task of a modern day clinical supply company demands excellence in two key areas: an industry-leading knowledge of the landscape and its complexities along with a tireless dedication to client needs. At Xerimis, we understand the unique demands of your project, and we're here, alongside you, every step of the way.

Phase One

Phase I trials are the building blocks needed for all successful drug compounds. We work with our clients to develop the most user friendly designs to help ensure that the right drug is dispensed correctly at the right time.

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Packaging Consultation
On Demand Labeling
Just-in-time Shipping
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Phase Two

Phase 2 trials bring more complexity and critical packaging decisions to the clinical development team. You can rely on Xerimis to help guide you through this process.

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Blinding Services
Protocol Specific Labeling
Pooled IDP/IMP Supply Chain Management
Procurement of Ancillary Supplies

Phase Three

Phase 3 trials typically draw on a large number of global sites to fill the enrollment needs of the study. Xerimis has extensive experience with global Phase 3 trials.

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Packaging Supply Management
Translation Services
IWRS/IVRS Consultation
Supply Chain Management
Depot Management

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We're constantly striving to provide our clients with a better, more comprehensive experience, and DashX is our latest evolution in fulfilling on that promise.

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Insights & News

Xerimis expands BD Team

Xerimis is expanding its Business Development group due to increasing opportunities worldwide. This uptick of interest in Xerimis is due in part to the opening of its purpose-built, 13,000-square foot United Kingdom facility in 2016.

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Cold Chain Logistics: Which System Is Right For You?

Choosing the right cold chain system is key to keeping trials on schedule and free of logistical headaches. Xerimis guides clients toward suggested logistical plans and helps you to understand how and why we land there.

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Xerimis announces the appointment of Simon Magness as Operations Manager in Theale, United Kingdom

Simon comes to Xerimis with 10 years of direct clinical supply experience and a PhD, Analytical Organic Chemistry. He has extensive experience working for leading pharma companies including Pfizer, Takeda, and Daiichi Sankyo. He has also managed clinical supply projects as a vendor while working with BAP Pharma.

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